Shockwave magazine reviews “Like Stars In a Neon Sky”!

So stoked for this review from Shockwave Magazine! Click here to check it out!

March 8, 2017
Hard Review

“Ναι, είναι μια εντυπωσιακή κυκλοφορία για full-length ντεμπούτο” “Yes, it is an impressive release for a full-length debut” – Hard

March 8, 2017
Dorian & Nick interview at the Revelator Show!

Check out the interview we did with our guy Ryan Hillier at The Revelator Show! Click here to listen

March 8, 2017
100% Rock Magazine Review.

A really in depth review of Like Stars In a Neon Sky by Todd Jilicoeur and 100% Rock Magazine! Click

March 1, 2017
Heavy Magazine Review.

“It’s a bloody solid metal album and a fantastic debut and is absolutely an early contender for album of the

February 23, 2017
This review made us smile!

This review is kind of… different! Click here to read the review

February 17, 2017
We Moved Up!

Just got news! We moved up at #35 from #39 on the “Top 50 Metal Chart” in the US! The progress

February 16, 2017
Interview with Slickster Magazine.

Dorian’s interview with Slickster Magazine. You can read it below. Click here to read the interview

February 13, 2017
Rock overdose reviews “like stars in a neon sky”!

“Tracks such as “Sons Of Yesterday”, “The Highway part I-II”, “The Vampire”, are able to stand the daily selection of

February 6, 2017
“Fade Away” Official ZMAK wrestling theme song!

Our song “Fade Away” will be the official theme song for ZMAK, the biggest Wrestling Promotion in Greece. It will

February 2, 2017
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